Quality Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Buena Park, CA

When it comes to toilet repair and replacement, it is important to choose a plumbing company that values quality workmanship and takes care of its customers. At Buena Park Plumbing Pros, we know that you’re entrusting us to keep your family safe and provide the best toilet repair and maintenance services possible. A clogged toilet or leaky toilet is inconvenient, but finding a qualified plumber to get the job done correctly shouldn’t be a hassle.

As a trusted plumbing service company in Buena Park, CA, we work with a number of local, plumbing contractors who have specialized technology and exceptional skill to make fast and effective toilet repairs 24/7. If you’re tired of reaching for the plunger or you have questions about a new toilet replacement, call us today.

How to Maintain Your Toilet

You can prevent most clogs and other common toilet repairs. By following a few simple suggestions for usage, the toilets in your home can run for a long time without the need for major repairs.

Think before your flush: Your toilet is not a trash can. People who mistakenly believe they can flush anything down the toilet and get away with it usually find out very quickly just how wrong they are. The only item that should be flushed down the toilet is 1-ply or 2-ply toilet paper. Other paper products and sanitary napkins or tampons are not designed to break apart and dissolve in the water like toilet paper.

Look for leaks: One of the best ways to avoid expensive repairs and water damage is to take a proactive approach. When you clean your toilets, take a second to inspect the base of the toilet. If you notice water or mold, you most likely have a faulty toilet seal. Call for plumbing service to take care of the problem right away.

Check your fill valve: The fill valve is the part of your toilet that regulates the incoming water after you’ve flushed the toilet. If this part is damaged or not working properly, the toilet will continue to fill with water non-stop and the result is a toilet that never stops running. Sometimes simply replacing the flapper will take care of this problem, which is a simple job that any person can do. However, if this doesn’t work, contact a plumber right away for professional repairs.

The Right Time to Replace Your Toilet

If you have an old toilet, it may be harder to make repairs because of the specific parts it needs. In this case, replacing your existing toilet with a contemporary, low-flow model may be the most logical option. Contemporary toilets use less water than older toilets and come with special features like dual-flush and automatic, no-touch flush options.

If you’re considering upgrading the toilets in your home, give us a call and let us help you choose a model that is the best choice for your usage needs and budget. Our toilet installation service in Buena Park, CA, is guaranteed to be the best in town.

To learn more about our plumbing services, call us today and set up a time to have one of our industry-certified, top-rated plumbing contractors come to your home.